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Child of God
Software Engineer
Sustainable Architect
Web Designer



Born in the city of Houston, Texas to Gregory and Deeanne Gist.


Learned to program in Qbasic and HTML at ten years old. Began building websites and retro computer games.


Started dating future wife, Elisha, at sixteen.


Began career in web design, programming, graphic design, videography, and other digital media.


Married Elisha, highschool sweetheart.


Joined Republican presidential campaign in Iowa during 2011-2012 primary elections.


Began experiment to acquire individual liberty through development of off-grid, permaculture homestead.


Started campaign to represent Missouri’s 4th district in the United States House of Representatives.

Letter from the Candidate

Dear Fellow Missourians,

My name is Neal Gist. When I was a toddler, locked in a church nursery during Sunday service, I figured out how to unlock the crib gate. Before I escaped I went to my fellow captives—also in cribs—and released them one by one. From there I opened the child-proof door and led a mass exodus of toddlers out into the hallway before the nursery workers could stop us.

I love freedom. It is our God-given gift, self-evident through our capacity for independent thought, feeling, and expression. But that freedom has been under siege and continues to degrade at the hands of career politicians. We promote democracy while forgetting the magnificence of our constitutional republic—a divine inspiration designed to preserve our free will.

As a government grows over time corruption becomes inevitable. Career politicians have brought us to a near breaking point. Despite the degradation, I believe ours can still be saved. We need everyday, decent Americans to step forward with bold ideas to reduce our massive government to a responsible size.

During my tenure as your Congressman I will do everything I can to restore power to the people and the states they live in. It would be my greatest honor to represent you in this endeavor.

In Liberty,
Neal Gist