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Never before in my lifetime has there been such violent polarization between political parties. Hostility abounds and few choose the path of civility. Our common bonds have been lost in an endless game of blame. I do not believe in claiming philosophical victory simply by destroying the character of my opponents. It is ideas that win the day.

Not long ago our collective bond was the idea that we had a right to live according to our unique perspectives. The individual reigned. And while we sometimes would cringe at the choices being made around us, we still believed in defending the right of those people to make those choices. A mutual respect for our God-given liberty brought us together, the truest principal of what made America the greatest nation in the history of the world.

We must realize our common ground and come together as we once did. From listening to people with various backgrounds I have found an underlying motive of benevolence to be common. That is our bond, a cornerstone to build empathy and remember that though our ideas may be different, in the end, most of us are pursuing what we believe is the right thing to do. It is a notion that merits celebration and unity.

Term Limits

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. To guard against this we can establish term limits. I attribute much of the success of Missouri’s state government to the fact that we’ve had state-wide term limits since 1992. I propose we follow Missouri’s model and impose an eight year service limit for the U.S. House and eight years for the U.S. Senate.

The likelihood of any legislation making it past committee, however, is slim. If it did somehow make it to the House floor for a vote, I am not optimistic the elitists in office would yield their power. If that were to happen, I would continue to fight, campaign, and lobby for a constitutional amendment to impose term limits by appealing to all 50 state legislators who are given the right to circumvent the national legislative branch entirely by having a special convention as per Article V of the U.S. Constitution.

EDIT: There is a petition to do this very thing with over 1,000,000 signatures! Please consider signing today.


One of the greatest threats to our country is national debt. We are now approaching half a trillion dollars in interest annually. It jeopardizes our world reserve currency status and siphons wealth from the people through the inflation required to fund our massive government.

The myth that a government operating under modern economic theories does not need a balanced budget must be rejected. The consequences of a bankrupt world power are easy to observe throughout history but never before has a global economy been so interconnected and dependent upon a single nation. For the sake of posterity and worldwide economic stability, we must balance our federal budget, cut spending, and begin paying off our debt immediately.

Congressional Accountability

The elites that rule our nation have insulated themselves from the consequences of their own legislation. When the Obamacare mandate went into effect, forcing millions of people who could not afford insurance to join or pay a fine, Congress exempted themselves from this mandate. When we have a ruling class that is unaffected by the laws they create, how can they possibly understand their destructive consequences? All laws must apply equally to all members of society.

To bring accountability to Congress we must remove the incentives that tempt power-hungry hearts. The federal pension program available to retired legislators is immoral and must be completely eliminated. Affluence should not be a guarantee for a position that is supposed to be a public service.

Electoral College

Democracy is tyranny of the majority, a Republic is representative government. The more influence individuals have over their representatives, the closer the government reflects its people. As distance is gained geographically or through layers of political stratification, the average citizen’s influence is dimensioned. The electoral college was carefully architected to keep power distributed between the vast regions of America. In recent years it has become threatened. Should we replace it with a popular vote, political authority would consolidate into the hands of a few metropolitan areas—potentially thousands of miles away from you and the consequences of whatever laws are devised.

In order to ensure citizens have representative government, I will fight against all efforts to dismantle the electoral college.


A heavily armed citizenry is the vaccine against tyranny. It is no coincidence that the right to bear arms is listed second on the bill of rights. Look at the tens of millions of deaths that occurred in the 20th century against an unarmed (or disarmed) populace at the hands of their own governments. Our founders were vigilant against this threat—for good reason!

As your representative I will fight to ward off any and all threats against the 2nd amendment, your God-given right to protect yourself and your family.